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Things You Should Know Before Buying a Lift Kit

So you’re looking to finally lift that overland Jeep. Great! There are just a few things you should know…


What kind of travel will you be doing?

Some of us overlanders love to travel cross country with some moderate off-road use when we get to our destination (this a majority of overlanders). Others desire hardcore mudding and rock climbing while some people just like the look of a lifted jeep. All of these circumstances require a different type of lift. You are going to want to decide where the jeep will spend most of its life and where the most strenuous points will be i.e. rock climbing, mudding, trails etc.

Types of lifts

Once you figure out what type of use the jeep is going to have, now you can determine the type of lift you’ll need.

Lifted jeep JK
  • Suspension
    • Suspension lifts are the most versatile lifts on the market but can be the most expensive. BDS is a favorite for me. A suspension lift will replace the springs, control arms, anti-sway bar links, track bars and shocks. It is a pretty extensive modification for your jeep, but can really increase the performance off-road.
    • I would only buy a suspension lift if I was lifting my vehicle more than 2 inches or if the vehicle would be seeing a high amount of off-road use. The on-road performance is hindered by any lift, especially a suspension lift
    • There are two types of suspension lifts (for coil spring applications)
      • Short arm- These lifts are more budget friendly but don’t offer as much articulation and ride quality
      • Long arm- These lifts are for top off road performance and can get very pricey.
    • Body
      • A body lift is where a spacer is added between the frame and the body of the jeep. These lifts are relatively inexpensive and typically have a better on-road performance than a suspension lift kit.
    • Combination
      • If you’re not doing a ton of off roading, you may want to consider adding a small body/suspension combo. This will allow slightly larger tires and still keep the on-road performance fairly decent.
Lifted Jeep JK

Be aware

  • If you’re lifting your jeep over 3 inches, you’ll need to look into other upgrades to support the new driveline angles the lift has created. This could include adjustable track bars, SYE kit, and/or transfer case drop kit.

Lifting your jeep can be very fun and rewarding for years to come. Make sure you do your research and get a quality lift kit! A poorly manufactured/installed lift kit can cause problems in the future that will quickly become nightmares. Be safe and happy Jeeping!

Lifted Jeep XJ

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