Spring Camping Essentials

Spring Camping Essentials

Spring Camping Essentials

Spring is the perfect season to go camping as the weather is beautiful. However, there is a good probability you have to cope with the weather during your vacation. If you are not prepared to camp, hike, and trek in damp circumstances, your camping excursion will go fail. This is why you must bring the correct items to ensure a pleasurable and comfortable camping trip throughout the spring season. Let's have a look at the Spring camping essentials you will need this season:

The Rain Gear

Like the famous CCR song says, "Have you ever seen the rain, falling down on a beautiful day". Well, if you haven't, then you will soon. Regardless of what the weatherman says, it can rain anytime while you are in the open. Therefore, you should start by packing your rain gear. This includes:

  • A waterproof tent to guarantee you can sleep comfortably and more importantly, without getting wet. While you are at it, make sure the tent has a complete rainfly, so the water stays out and you receive more protection from the rain.
  • A tarp to cover the encampment. You may tie the tarp and knot it high so it covers your cooking and dining space as well as the fire pit.
  • In addition to remaining comfortable while resting, you also need to have the correct clothing to wear when you are out on an adventure since if you don't, you won't be able to explore the region. That would make for a dull camping vacation.
  • A rain jacket which you may wear if it's raining when you are out and about.
  • A pair of waterproof shoes is a requirement or else you will have a hard time moving around damp and muddy terrain.

The Night Gear

Keeping the water out is a problem but the temperature tends to drop at night during the spring and you might be in for some chilly evenings. This is why you must have the proper clothes to keep warm. This includes:

  • A sleeping bag with a decent temperature rating, at least 20oF, to keep you warm when you turn in for the night.
  • A sleeping mat to prevent having to set the sleeping bag straight on the floor. The cushion will offer a barrier of sorts between you and the ground, which can be rather cold at night.

In addition to the items stated above, it is a good idea to keep spare clothes and shoes in case you become wet. Of course, you don't forget to carry your camping gear (food, cooking equipment, utensils, and medications) with you.

This is the gear you need when you are packed for a spring camping trip. Make sure you thoroughly prepare for the inevitable, or else you might not be able to completely enjoy your excursion.

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