Rooftop Tents: Why Are They So Popular?

Rooftop Tents: Why Are They So Popular?

Rooftop Tents: Why Are They So Popular?

Rooftop tents first appeared on the outside market a few years ago, but they were prohibitively pricey. Thanks to new models for various budgets, what began as a craze that exclusively appealed to wealthy outdoorsmen has become much more accessible to all campers. Since then, a slew of new businesses has sprung up to put their own spin on rooftop tent features.

If you're curious about why roof tents are quickly becoming one of the most popular camping options, hopefully this will help!

4runner with roof top tent in Upstate New York

  • Warmer Than Tents:

    Because good roof top tents have a stronger canvas material and a hard ABS/fibreglass shell than conventional tents, heat doesn't escape as quickly, thus you should be nice and toasty at night. This will be especially useful if you plan on visiting anywhere during the winter, as we all know how cold the nights can get at this time of year!


  • Views that are better:

    The views from roof tents are far superior to those from a tent or campervan because of their elevated position on top of your vehicle. Roof tents with two doors and two windows also provide 360-degree views, making the scenery even more spectacular!


  • Stronger and Longer-Lasting Than Tents:

    Roof tents have a more durable canvas than tents, and hard-shell designs have a stronger structure, which means it's both leakproof and quieter inside the roof tent when it's windy and pouring, resulting in a better night's sleep for you!


  • Faster to Pack Away and Set Up Than Ground Tents:

  • Ground tents can take a long time to set up because they frequently have inner and outer tents to erect. That's not even taking into account the time it takes to pack them up and cram them into the normally little bag they arrive in. When you're doing it on a dark and rainy Friday night, and you watch your luggage and yourself becoming more and wetter by the minute, it's not very pleasant! Roof top tents normally take less than 30 seconds to open and close, so you can imagine how much time and effort you'll save!


  • Extra Storage Space:

    Roof top tents provide more storage space than tents because you may store your goods in the roof tent even while it is closed. This is especially useful when you need to rapidly pack up and leave your bedding in the tent because it makes the process quicker and easier.

  • Roof tents provide you the freedom to camp

  • Roof tents provide you the freedom to camp in more areas since unlike tents, they don't require a wide, flat, dry, soft surface to set up. Because you need such particular circumstances with a tent, you're limited to fewer of the free/wild camping options available, and even if you can camp there, you'll still have to put up and pack up your tent, as I described before! Caravans and huge motorhomes are frequently caught off guard by the amount of room required for them here, therefore they are normally limited to staying at campgrounds.


  • Roof tents are often less expensive

  • Roof tents are often less expensive than caravans, campervans, and certainly motorhomes, both when purchased and because they do not have the same recurring costs as these alternatives. To keep all of these, you'd probably have to pay for a storage facility. Plus, with campervans and motorhomes, you'd have to acquire supplementary van insurance, so they'll cost you money even when you're not using them! On top of that, there are the additional breakdown, repair, and remodelling costs that come with campervans and RVs. These costs can pile up quickly if you buy older campers, as they're frequently not the most reliable vehicles and require a lot of work before they're ready to hit the road!


  • Roof tents are flood-proof

  • Roof tents are flood-proof since they are mounted high on top of your vehicle, so there's no risk of being flooded in the middle of the night after a strong downpour, as there is with a regular tent. So, if you're heading somewhere where the weather is unpredictable, these might just save you a trip to the dry cleaners!


Now that you know why people prefer rooftop tents, you can weigh your options and make the best decision possible. All that's left is for you to get out there and appreciate nature. Start by visiting for more information.

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