Roof Top Tents: A Comparison

Roof Top Tents: A Comparison

Roof Top Tents


A comparison between WoodsBuilt roof top tent models in 2022

WoodsBuilt Sequoia Hard Shell Roof Top Tent


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Roof top tents have modernized greatly in recent years, making them extremely efficient and luxurious throughout the camping industry in 2022. Hard shell roof top tents have evolved into something that more resembles a camper rather than a tent. With added benefits such as solar, lighting, USB ports, a mattress and set-up efficiency, you can spend less time setting up camp and more time enjoying the outdoors. We recommend Yakima roof mounting products to mount your RTT to ensure top quality support on the road. Whether it be the WoodsBuilt Sequoia, Mountaineer, or Aspen, there is a tent perfect for you!


Experimenting with all possible situations, the WoodsBuilt team was able to narrow down the best features of a roof top tent and create the ideal product:


Best Roof Top Tent for Each Adventure

  • Best Roof Top Tent for Overlanding: Mountaineer

  • Best Roof Top Tent for Cross Country Travel: Aspen

  • Best Roof Top Tent for Hybrid Use (Overlanding and Extended Travel Combined): Sequoia




Best Roof Top Tent for Overlanding

Model: Mountaineer

Sleeps: 3

Open Dimensions: 85L x 56W x 57H

Price: $3550


The WoodsBuilt Mountaineer would be the best RTT for Overlanding. It is the most rugged model on the market so tree branches and debris won’t stand a chance on the trail. Its clam shell design provides the fastest set up time of only 15 seconds. Included with purchase are roof racks for use on top of the tent. These racks can hold up to 200 pounds to carry your overlanding gear such as mountain bikes or kayaks. The three hinge system on the front of the tent ensures for sturdiness when carrying cargo and opening the tent. The mattress is covered in a breathable fabric for hot summers and the canvas is thick with rubberized waterproofing on the inside to ensure the highest level of dryness. Heavy duty stainless steel accessories are also provided to keep you on the trail and worry-free!





Best Roof Top Tent for Cross Country Travel

Model: Aspen

Sleeps: 2

Open Dimensions: 83L x 48W x 39H

Price: $2895

At a very budget-friendly price point, the WoodsBuilt Aspen is a great choice for cross-country travel. This model sleeps 2 comfortably with a 2 inch mattress and quilted fabric used in both the headliner and floor pan. Constructed using ABS plastic, this tent holds its rigidity and structure. Set up time is less than 30 seconds! Sleep in comfort and get up and go when you need to with the WoodsBuilt Aspen!

Best Roof Top Tent for Hybrid Use

Model: Sequoia

Sleeps: 3

Open Dimensions: 84L x 54W x 38H

Price: $3200

If you are looking for light weight, large and roomy tent with all of the amenities the industry has to offer, this is it! The WoodsBuilt Sequoia offers top quality experience in regard to comfort. This roof top tent comes with solar, lighing, USB ports, 2.75″ thick mattress, and the most amount of interior space available. The fiberglass construction makes this tent only 150 lbs! With its large footprint, This makes the Sequoia the best hybrid-use RTT. This would be ideal for light to medium overlanding mixed with long distance driving. It is lighter, making it more fuel-efficient, as well as low profile keeping it low and away from branches and debris.


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