roof top tent on a jeep wrangler

Planning a Cross-Country Road Trip

There are so many options and ways of doing things when it comes to cross country road trips. It really depends on the type of person you are. I’m sure many people who are coming from the WoodsBuilt site all share a common interest. Overlanding is a rapidly growing hobby and could even be considered a lifestyle and a rooftop tent is an important tool in applications such as overlanding and cross country travel.


I like to first come up with a list of where I want to go and what I want to see. I will then look at the map and create a route that will cover all of the things on that list. Google maps is such a great tool for planning trips like this. Now, some people like to make reservations for campgrounds/hotels along the route and have a set amount of time to spend in each place. However, I like to just plan the route and without anything tying me down in any given location. There are campgrounds all over the country and they’re easy to find on apps such as The Dyrt and HipCamp. This allows me to spend as much time as I desire at any locations I come across.


Packing is made simple by imagining “a day in the life”. Think about what you will be doing on this trip. Think about hiking, biking, types of campsites, water availability, etc. I usually think of things the night before while I’m laying in bed. Make sure to store the items you’ll be using the most frequently in the most accessible areas of the vehicle. Digging through your car to find your water bottle is never something people look forward to!


Sometimes it gets difficult. I usually try not to drive more than 8 hours a day. Be sure to utilize cruise control and buy a lumbar supporting cushion. Music and chewing gum help too! Make sure your vehicle is up to date on oil changes and fluid levels. If it is an older vehicle, it always is a good idea to get it checked over by a mechanic before departure.

Get out there!

Start planning your dream road trip!

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