WoodsBuilt roof top tent in a vw golf

Introducing the WoodsBuilt Eco!

Like many of our customers, I got interested in rooftop tent camping by seeing photos from overlanding rigs on Instagram. I’ve had off road rigs before and I’ve loved the flexibility to go wherever I want. Life started to happen, and I had to get a smaller vehicle that was more fuel efficient and better for driving long distances. I found myself echoing the same thing as many would-be customers of WoodsBuilt. I need a smaller tent that would be able to mount to the roof of my Volkswagen Golf.

I am extremely excited to introduce the new WoodsBuilt ECO. This tent promises to bring the camping revolution to all of us that don’t have off-road or overlanding SUV’s.

Our new tent fits on my Volkswagen perfectly. Volkswagen made roof racks for my car that were around $350 brand new. I just attached those and the tent bolted right up to the cross bars. Mounting the tent only took me about 7 minutes with our quick thumb screws. In no time at all, I’m now able to drive my car anywhere and have my tent set up in less than a minute.

I’m super excited to take my tent to the beach, to camp at trailheads, and to use it to drive cross country this summer. With my new WoodsBuilt ECO, anywhere is my campsite.

Where have you taken your rooftop tent?

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