Cold Weather Camping in a Roof Top Tent

Cold Weather Camping in a Roof Top Tent

Cold Weather Camping in a Roof Top Tent

If you’re new to cold weather camping in a roof top tent, you’re probably thinking how anyone can enjoy being in the cold for extended periods of time. However, with just a little bit of guidance, it can be a very enjoyable experience. There are many tips and tricks to staying warm and your rooftop tent can be a major asset if used correctly. Let’s dive in!

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When outside, the one thing that you are looking forward to at the end of the day is having a nice warm place to sleep. Having a rooftop tent produces a great climate for staying warm as it keeps you off the ground and in a small, insulated area. Now that you have a good environment to sleep in, the next step is to have a comfortable, correctly rated sleeping bag. Sporting goods stores will have sleeping bags with ratings well below 0 degrees. My favorite type of bag is a down sleeping bag. I have never needed more than my sleeping bag to stay toasty in my rooftop tent during temperatures down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure that all your clothes are dry and wear a hat to keep your head warm.


It’s always a good idea to bring plenty of firewood. Having a nice fire going throughout the day is a great source of warmth. You will also want dry layers of clothing. Try to avoid cotton as when it gets wet it will not provide the proper insulating properties as wool or synthetic materials (remember… “cotton kills”). When overlanding in the cold, make sure to strip a few layers if running the heat or keep the cab cooler to avoid sweating and compromising the insulating properties of your clothing. This was a mistake I learned the hard way!

With just these simple tips, your experience overlanding will be greatly improved! Simple and easy. Now get out and explore the beautiful winter wonderland that awaits you!

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